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Straight from your home oven!

"Thank you!!!! For selling the small, ready to cook pizza shells that I found last week in the Hannaford grocery store! Your pizza shell is the only one I have found that doesn't have dairy in it. My son has a dairy allergy and I am constantly looking for options for him - and as a two parent working family with three kids, sometimes we need quicker dinners. I literally have been looking for a dairy free pre-made pizza shell for 10+ years. I had been using burrito shells. Anyways, I jumped for joy at the store when I saw these. Thank you for making them. I really appreciate it!!!


Glad to Help Mary!


"THANK YOU!! I just found your pie dough product at Trig’s in Eagle River, Wisconsin. You’re You Tube video was short, precise and perfect. I look forward to trying all the flavors. I will also leave a note for the store manager about what a great product this is, maybe even suggesting some in store samples. I appreciate all the recipes and am excited to stock up for a cold winter.

With gratitude,
Miss Liz"

Thank you Miss Liz!

Our Dough, Your Pizza

Elevate your restaurant's pizza recipe with help from our food product supplier in Scarborough, ME

Frozen pizza dough can make your kitchen prep more faster, easier and more felxible and with It'll Be Pizza's selection of premium flavors you won't sacrifice quality. It'll Be Pizza supplies and manufactures pizza dough based foods in Scarborough, ME. Our frozen pizza dough is jam-packed with all the flavor you could want for your pizzas without requiring you to make dough from scratch. With our dough stocking your restaurant's freezer, you'll be able to turn out top-tier pies in record time.

Call 207-730-7301 today to speak to a food products supplier about our frozen doughs. We also have frozen gluten-free dough available.

Speed Up Your Kitchen's Production Time in Scarborough, ME

Using frozen pizza dough can keep your cooks rolling

What makes our dough special?

Dough is the base that you build your entire pizza on. While many at-home cooks and new restaurant owners may focus on the sauce or toppings, we know that a great dough carries a delicious pizza. Creating the perfect pizza dough recipe depends on integrating the right:



using high-quality ingredients makes a difference in our dough



freezing dough properly preserves its flavor and flexibility while giving it a long shelf life



mixing and finishing every batch with top-of-the-line equipment ensures consistent quality

Consistent quality, incredible taste and a long shelf life make our wholesale pizza dough an unbeatable choice for retail grocers, restaurants and large chains. Additionally, our hardworking, well-trained staff can meet demand without cutting any corners. Contact us today about our wholesale pizza dough.