How to use our gluten free frozen doughs

It'll Be Pizza Gluten Free Dough is delivered frozen to your business location. The product is packed twenty to a case, and each individual 8 oz., 9 inch dough is packaged with its own cooking tin. The dough should stay on this tin until cooked to avoid cross-contamination.

​It may be kept frozen or refrigerated to start the proofing process. Since the product is pre-sheeted and thin, it can be brought from a frozen state to a proofed state in 3-4 hours if separated and left out at room temperature. The product must be brushed with oil when doing this to prevent crusting. Otherwise, the product should be proofed when left in the refrigerator for 2-3 days, and will keep for 9-11 days after the product has begun to thaw. I recommend pulling out a set amount of doughs before each meal period to let them get to room temperature. Again, brush with oil to avoid crusting.

When ready to use, dough should be docked lightly.

​If dough has not previously been brushed with oil, do so now.

​Bring the dough on its tin to the back of the oven and push it back into the oven (like we do with bacon).

​This will give the dough a quick parbake to ensure that the finished pizza is fully cooked.

​After this, bring the dough back to the pizza prep table, being careful not to burn your fingers.

​Top as normal and place dough and tin into the oven as normal.