How to use our flavored frozen doughs

It'll Be Pizza Dough is delivered frozen to your business location.

​In order to prevent rapid or over proofing, store It'll Be Pizza Dough under standard refrigeration conditions. The ideal temperature range for storage is 34 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. A difference of 2 or 3 degrees in storage temperature can greatly influence and modify the timelines set out below.

​Under these storage conditions, It'll Be Pizza Dough may require 3-5+ days to proof if stored in the case. However, there are techniques available that will expedite the thawing and proofing process.

It'll Be Pizza Proofing Procedures

Day 1 - It'll Be Pizza Dough is delivered completely frozen.

​Day 1-3 - It'll Be Pizza Dough is stored in cases under standard refrigeration conditions, undergoing the initial thawing process.

​Day 3-5 - It'll Be Pizza Dough is unpacked from cases and laid out on standard sized sheet pans in order to facilitate a faster and more thorough proofing process. Facilitation of this process results from increased air flow over It'll Be Pizza Dough, reduced insulation of cold temperatures caused by storing cold It'll Be Pizza Dough in close quarters in the case, and increased space for the It'll Be Pizza Dough to proof.

Although sheet pan storage can vary, approximately 15 large It'll Be Pizza Dough balls (24oz. size) will proof effectively on a standard size sheet pan versus approximately 24 small It'll Be Pizza Dough balls (14oz. size) on the same sized sheet pan.

​It'll Be Pizza Dough adequately proofs and is ready for use 12-36 hours after being laid out on sheet pans.

​Pull It'll Be Pizza Dough from refrigeration and lay out at room temperature for 20-30 minutes before stretching. This will allow the It'll Be Pizza Dough to warm up and ensure an easy stretching process.

​Thoroughly roll out It'll Be Pizza Dough to make sure that all air bubbles are eliminated. Stretch It'll Be Pizza Dough evenly to desired sized pan or screen. Uneven or under stretching may result in thin middles, thicker crusts, or smaller than desired pies.

​Adjust cooking time and temperature of oven to achieve desired result.

​Serve and Enjoy!